Saturday, February 6, 2010

The irony of donations

For each and every donation we were thankful. It was amazing to me what people thought to donate. For example I would never have thought about adult diapers or pop tarts. We had every kind of item one would need to take care of infants from diapers to formula to scalp IV sets. And we had all sorts of pain medications from morphine to percocet to demerol to dilaudid, for which I was extremely thankful to be able to dispense. And in the OR we had our choice of isofluorane or halothane for those few cases where we intubated and used an inhalation anesthetic. But what struck me most was the abundance of propofol in the midst of a national shortage in the United States. I was sure we had more propofol in our hospital than the supply that existed in the entire city of Omaha. And the irony of that fact is that we used very little of it due to the lack of a supply of oxygen.

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