Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A bit like a big semi rolling by.

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  1. E ku ise o. We on the home front are doing well. We miss you and are that you stay strong and well to see this important humanitarian work to fruition. We are praying for all of you -- the only contribution those of us who cannot be on site can make at this time. Had lunch with "D at school today. He was beside himself with pride and joy as if to say, 'I may be the youngest in the class, but today, for the next two hours, I AM KING!' We held hands and marched to lunch together and had tea with our hot lunch. Then we made love notes to Mom, Dad, and Nana and we painted an abstract piece and arranged furniture in a doll house. Had a wonderful day and Nana is scheduled to present on Nigeria, with 'Dara assisting, on February 18th! if all goes well, Yoy gets a lunch date on Thursday and possibly, they both get an overnight at Pierce Street on Friday -- the manuscript's nearing completion. Take care and get rested. We love ya!