Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off to catch our charter flight in Ft. Pierce

After two hours of sleep, we are making the one hour journey to Ft. Pierce.  With the strict weight instructions imposed on us I'm guessing the plane is going to be of the size & type where a xanax (or several) would be helpful. Having nothing of the sort in my luggage I'm going to rely on extreme sleep deprivation as my anxiolytic.

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  1. Anyone who has flown at all in recent years is well aware of how stressful air travel has become. As if the regular worries of obtaining a comfortable seat and making sure that your carry on bag will fit in the overhead compartments aren't enough, now we must factor in the added anxiety of long and stringent security checkpoints that could make us late for our flights, and being required to limit our liquid items to specific quantities... the list of rules just keeps expanding!

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