Saturday, January 23, 2010

On our way

The team has now arrived in Haiti, and we've gotten our assignments. Half of us will be leaving the hotel at 3am in order to catch a flight out of an airport about an hour and a half outside of Ft. Lauderdale.  Our last preparation meeting before heading was this evening. It was an emotional time as the Haitian members of our delegation shared their various stories of loved ones who have been injured and those who have yet to be found.  The gravity of where we are about to go and what we are about to see is overwhelming and almost too much of a force to bear.  But onward we go as we answer the call to bring hope to a nation devastated beyond anyone's imagination.


  1. A daunting assignment indeed. May God give you all healing hands and hearts and the strength to see through this important task of bringing hope to the people of Haiti. We are all praying for the entire team.

  2. Hi Yemisi,

    Thank you for giving us update via your blog. We are very proud of the work you are doing
    We were wondering if you could contact us back in Omaha. We are trying to reach Dr. Pamies. Also, Nick Hall was wondering if the other groups could give him a call this evening (1/26/10). He will have his SAT phone on at 9:00. Finally, the local media is wondering is someone would be available tomorrow for a brief interview. If so, who? And what SAT number should they call? If you would like to call us to give us this information please call,
    Magda 402-250-2605
    Gabby 832-493-4877
    Brandon 402-575-0994

    Thank you, keep up the great work, and stay safe and well