Monday, January 25, 2010

Off to work

Up early this am. Arrived at Hopital Dela Communaute Hatienne this morning. Operating rooms are well equipped so most patients having amputations under general anesthesia. Things are finally getting organized but finding have found situations whereby we have surgeons amuptating and no one doing wound care. Lots and lots of wound care to be done...I come bearing all the good stuff: ketamine, morphine, percocet, tylenol #3...acute pain service at it's finest!

It's been years since I've used ketamine without versed so the hallucinations my patients are having are something else. I've been maman to every other patient, the last in particular was quite upset when I went to the next patient after she told me to stay by her side until she finished flying in outer space.

Working with a great team of PA's from New Hamshire via St. Thomas. Tommy, Amanda, & Tiffany.

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