Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two weeks ago today...

What were you doing when the earthquake hit? Some of my Haitian friends thought I was joking when I called to ask if their relatives were okay. They found the idea of an earthquake of this magnitude completely unfathomable.


  1. Hi Yemisi and Nebraska Team:
    It is 1/29/10 and I have a few items to update you on from Omaha.
    1. In there are any nurses who can help Nick during the tonight for overnight shift please call him.
    2. Please be in touch with Magda with tomorrows travel plans and watch for e-mail with confirmation numbers for rooms at the Homewood Inn and Suites in Fr. Lauderdale
    3. Travel Safe and Sound

  2. We later found out that for hours after the earthquake caused this apartment building to collapse the brakelights on this disabled vehicle continued to shine. I can only imagine th poor soul in the driver's seat who had probably stopped at one of the storefronts for something and was trying to back out into traffic to escaspe.